Friday, July 31, 2009


The NAHVRP board of directors met at St. Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center in Lincoln on Friday, July 24th at 10:00 a.m. Susan Harris-Broomfield was unable to make the trip to Lincoln but was able to join us through Telehealth (thank you Robin for getting that set up for us). Telehealth is available at almost every hospital in the state of Nebraska and is a great way to meet without travel expense and taking time away from work. It was like Susan was in the room with us the whole time (I have a picture that I am trying to put on the blog but don't know how to do it! I will figure it out!). The board will attempt to use Telehealth from each member’s respective hospital for our next meeting which will be held on Friday, August 21.

Much of our discussion revolved around the future of NAHVRP. Currently, two groups exist in the state of Nebraska for hospital/health care volunteer leaders – Midplains and NAHVRP:

Midplains is a group of hospital volunteer leaders from Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Fremont, Seward and Blair that meet on a monthly basis to network and discuss various topics related to volunteer management. One hospital hosts the meeting for the month and provides lunch for the group. Midplains is a very informal group - there are no dues, budget, or by-laws. It provides a way to network and connect with others in our profession. Currently, there are 29 names on the roster for Midplains with an average of about six participating at each meeting.

NAHVRP is considered more formal as we pay dues, have by-laws, and are affiliated with the national association, AHVRP. This year’s board has been taking a hard look at what benefits we are providing our members – currently workshops and an annual meeting are offered in the fall. We have recently started the blog and inviting NAHVRP members to Midplains monthly meetings. The question is: Are you truly getting what you need from NAHVRP for the money that you spend to be a member? We have also been questioning what benefits AHVRP members are receiving.

Here are some facts to consider:
- In order for us to continue to be an affiliate of the national association, at least 25% of our current membership has to be members of AHVRP.
- Currently, 12 out of 22 NAHVRP members are also members of AHVRP.
- Balance of NAHVRP funds as of July 24, 2009 - $3,561.85. Three years ago, twice as much was available.
- Workshop attendance has dropped significantly over the past 5 years.
- Of the current NAHVRP members, 12 members are also affiliated with Midplains.
- It has become increasingly difficult to fill board positions.

What are we thinking? We propose that NAHVRP have a discussion at the annual meeting about our future. Does NAHVRP want to disband? Do we want to continue? Should NAHVRP continue to be affiliated with AHVRP? Can we use Telehealth as a way to meet monthly/quarterly/biannually so that no one has to travel? We want everyone to attend so that some real thought and discussion can be put into this and a viable decision can be made that will work for everyone.

These are very tough questions that we feel need to be discussed and a decision needs to be made about our future.

More information on the workshop and annual meeting will be coming soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I do need to apologize - I have not been very faithful at writing my monthly update! I hope everyone is having a great summer.

Please mark your calendar for the Nebrasaka Hospital Association conference which will be held October 14 -16, 2009 at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln. Details are being worked out for the workshops that will be held for NAHVRP members. Please watch the blog for more information. We will also be holding our Annual Meeting during the conference so it will be important for the membership to attend.

As of June 2, Robin Tetley has submitted her resignation to the NAHVRP Board of Directors:
"I have the bittersweet task of informing the board and members of NAHVRP that I will be unable to fulfill my duties as President-Elect. I was accepted into the Masters program for Non-Profit Management at Roehampton University in London, England and will be leaving the end of August to start this one year program. It was never my intent to depart on my duties prematurely but I have been given an opportunity that I would be foolish to refuse. Realizing my desire to go onto graduate school within the field of Non-Profit Management wouldn’t have happened without my job as a volunteer coordinator and the amazing group of women I met through the Nebraska Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals. Each one of you has inspired to make working within the field of volunteerism my career and now I am taking the necessary steps to receiving all the tools I will need to be successful. I will fulfill all of my duties until I depart from my position at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in late August and I am willing to work with the current and future members of the board to help continue the goals that have been set in motion. Sincerely, Robin Tetley Teen Volunteer Coordinator Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center"

We wish Robin well on her new and exciting endeavor!